About YOLK

Having worked in print and then website development and design on a number of different platforms such as Magento, WordPress and Squarespace since 2006, Elise has 17+ years experience working in the digital and print world.

She enjoys working with small business owners to help propel their businesses to the level of success they’re striving for. Her goal is to help others be successful while providing support for them so that they can focus their attention on the parts of their business that they love. Elise works from her home office in the Chicago area and occasionally from her Florida office.

Owner of Yolk Graphic Designs, she thoroughly enjoys working with her clients to help them grow their respective businesses. She understands the complexities and challenges for small business owners to stand out in the crowded digital arena. She is passionate about helping small businesses navigate these hurdles and help them to create a blueprint to thrive in their own unique space.

In her free time, Elise a lover of all furry friends, enjoys spending time with her husband and family, including two grand-daughters and grand puppy. Her other passions are hiking, biking, kayaking and tennis.